Patriot Underground Shelters

You buy insurance to protect inantimate objects. Why aren’t you doing something today to protect the most important part of your life?

After 9/11 I decided to educate myself about what was really happening in our world, and what I discovered was a fundamentally flawed government that is essentially bought and paid for by large corporations, which are essentially owned by central banks. And in this structure the public is nothing more than indentured servants.

We as Americans have lived a sheltered and blessed existance for the last 70 years or so, and we have forgotten what made us great. We have taken for granted our standing in the world and most of us have lived beyond our means having forgotten what our parents and grandparents fought for and worked very hard to give us.

There are still a lot of wonderful and beautiful people out there who work hard every day and raise a family doing their best to instill morals and values in their children and grandchildren. But, I have noticed with my children and most others, that our kids are far removed from the realities of life, they have grown up far different than I could have ever imagined. Having grown up in a small town on a farm and having to feed cows and pigs and tend a garden and raise chickens for eggs and meat and canning foods. That life that I resented in my youth now seems so needed in our society today.

Most people today would starve without grocery stores, because they have no emergency food stored either because of lack of money or simple ignorance. A very large percentage of the populace have no idea of what is probably coming very soon, and they have taken no time to educate themselves and prepare. What will you do today? Buy a new car that may last 5 years and lose most of its value, invest in some stocks that in the event of a financial crisis would be worth nothing more than toliet paper. Invest in something real something you can touch something that won’t lose value.

I have spoken to hundreds of people over the years, many have awoken to the reality that is taking shape in our country. I do not believe the end of the literal world is coming, but I do believe the end of the way we have lived is coming to an end.

One very informed grandmother decided that leaving nothing but money to her children was not a way to protect them in the future. She is leaving her children and 7 grandchildren a fully stocked underground shelter with enough food and supplies to last them a full year. The freeze dried food she purchased stored at a constant year round temperature will last 20 to 30 years, that is a special gift that will be there even for her great granchildren. Even if nothing were to happen with the economy, they will at least have food to eat, a place to hide and protect valuables, and have a great storm shelter.

We build underground shelters for various reasons. Some clients want storage, some want storm protection, some want living and storage, and some want some protection from nuclear blast. We will design your unit or units to fit your needs and wants. Most things are possible, bathroom facilities, air scrubbers, battery backups, combined units, fresh water tanks, you name it we have probably done it. We can deliver it fully stocked with food and supplies of your choosing or our recommendations, we will instruct you how to bury them properly and how to conceal them. We build them as we would for our family we don’t take short cuts in design or construction.

We are located in the southeastern portion of the United States and focus on Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina and South Carolina. However, we will deliver anywhere in the continental US.

We hope you and your family never have to use our product, but it is a liberating feeling knowing that should you need it, that you and your family will be safe.

Our goals:

We are a newly formed company, but we are made up of True Patriots. There are only six employees currently in our company, four of which are veterans of Vietman, Iraq, and Afghanastan. We are engineers, fabricators, professional welders, and licensed contractors, the yougest of us being 41 years of age. We believe in what we do, and what we build will be the best quality, at the best prices. We chose containers for the value however, if for some reason you still have doubts about using a container, we can build from the ground up to any degree you want.


We started this business and chose to use strenthened shipping containers because what was on the market was too expensive for me and my family, and I believed the average American family.

Some builders of underground shelters will have you believe their product is better than all others are, or could ever be? And that nothing is better than something? The greatest underground shelters built by man during the cold war are mostly decaying water filled relics.

Steel will rust, concrete will break down, it doesn’t matter how much protection you put on it or around it, eventually it will fail. Ship builders the the world over have tried every known product to slow the decay of steel.

I have pumped water from a BOMB SHELTER built in the late fifties with 36” thick reinforced concrete ceilings and walls. The interior was destroyed. This was supposed to last a lifetime, and it did, it lasted long past the original owners lifetime. My point is this no man made object will last forever, but it should last your lifetime and your childrens.

We buried our first container 11 years ago, with no where near the construction and protection we build into them now, and guess what its still doing its job 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It has never leaked, its’ roof and sides have never failed and it is 4 feet underground.

If money is not an object we can build a shelter better and stronger than any shelter ever built. Carbon fiber would be great and wouldn’t rust ever, but at what cost? The point I am making is that money is an object for most of us!

We build a quality product that I trust will protect my family and posssesions for many years, and I would not build anything less for yours.